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Transition Yoga & Wellbeing

Are you suffering from any of the following symptoms?

Anxiety and depression

Hot flushes

Brain fog

Low energy


Increase in abdominal fat and aching joints

The above symptoms are all linked with perimenopause and menopause. This is such a challenging phase for women and the symptoms can be completely debilitating.

Yoga, meditation and changing your nutrition, without going onto a crash diet will help to reduce all the above symptoms.

We live such busy lives, running from one commitment to another, we don't have to stop and even when we do we are preoccupying our minds with TV , social media, what we still haven't done and what we still need to do. Our minds are constantly busy with thoughts from the past or projections of our future, whether that be in 10 minutes or in 10 years time. How often are we truly present in the moment we are in? Hardly ever!

When was the last time you stopped completely and paid attention to you?


Yoga unifies the breath and the body and brings about a greater awareness of you.

Its not about the perfect pose or the longest held balance or wearing the most expensive yoga gear, its about stopping and connecting with you, your unique body and mind and recognising and honoring what you holistically need at the moment.

Yoga can also strengthen the body, it helps to build lean muscle mass, protecting the joints as we age. It improves mobility and flexibility, keeping you active and functioning in all aspects of your life.


Just 10 minutes of meditation a day will calm the mind, give you greater clarity of thought, reduce anxiety and depression, encourage more creativity, reduce the fat storing hormone cortisol and improve your sleep! Amazing isn't it!


I always say you need to eat for the decade you are in, tailoring your diet accordingly.

In your 20's you can pretty much eat what you like, within reason, and drink and party to the early hours and still pretty much stay the same weight as long as you are active.

In your 30's you start to slow down a little, due to more commitments in your life, family, a career, and a home to run, resulting in some weight gain, as there simply isn't enough time to be as active as you were.

In your 40's the muscle mass within the body starts to decline at a rate of approximately 1% per year. Your still really busy with no time to exercise and the motivation to start is getting harder, as your joints are starting to ache, and everything is beginning to feel a lot harder. Your hormones are beginning to shift with a drop in progesterone, often causing emotional symptoms, such as anxiety, loss of confidence or low mood which can all take the toll on your mental health and extreme tiredness can start to creep in.

In your 50's your hormones are playing havoc with your metabolism, causing stubborn fat around the abdominal area, which no amount of exercise seems to be able to tackle. Your stressed with the pressures of life and maybe experiencing anxiety and depression, also due to the shift in hormonal balance and the drop in your progesterone, oestrogen and testosterone levels. Your muscle mass is still declining yearly, and your joints are aching. Your bone density is starting to lessen and more health issues are starting to arise.

This continues at a steady pace throughout the next few decades, but it doesn't have to be this way!

There is a solution!

Practicing yoga, meditation and following the nutritional guidance for the decade you are in will help to reduce all the symptoms above.

You can improve your strength, flexibility, mobility, energy levels, body composition, help to prevent serious health complications, improve your mental health and feel great again!

If you would like to find out more then please book in for your FREE taster class and see how you can begin to take back control!

Just click the link below


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