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1 session per week £180.00 - £45.00 per session 

2 sessions per week £320.00 - £40.00 per session 

3 Sessions per week £420.00 - £35.00 per session

All above packages require a minimum of a 3 month commitment and are to be paid on a monthly basis.

Ad hoc sessions with no monthly commitment is £50.00 per session.

The sessions can incorporate a variety of exercise disciplines including body weight and resistance training, cardiovascular training, boxing, yoga, calisthenics, HIIT and core. The choice is yours!!

24hrs notice is required to reschedule due to sickness within the month. Sessions can be carried over to the following month for holiday if this is pre-arranged with 1 months notice. All sessions need to be used within the 3 month commitment period.

All packages include nutritional guidance and access to Lifestyle Nutrition, where you will receive monthly nutritional plans to help you optimise your results. Access to the Lifestyle Personal Training app, where you can utilise the personalised programmes we have uploaded for you. Full access to the Lifestyle Studio where you can incorporate a variety of classes to optimise your results!

Look out for special offers!


£ 75.00 per month which includes personalised programmes delivered via the Lifestyle Fitness App and access to Lifestyle Nutrition. 

Minimum commitment 3 months.


Total cost £150.00 per session

No more than 4 people in the session.

Held at the Lifestyle Fitness Studio.

All equipment provided.

Personalised programmes for each individual and access to the lifestyle fitness app. Minimum of 1 session per week.

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