Feed your body, don't fill it

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Diet and nutritional advice can be complicated and conflicting. There is so much advice available it can be overwhelming. 

I believe that your diet should not be overly complicated, there are some very simple guidelines that you can follow in order to have a healthy, well balanced diet. This is not a FAD diet that will promise to shed numerous lbs in a record time, this is a diet for life that will re-balance your hormones and slowly help you achieve your ideal weight and shape for your body. 

For a long period of time there has been a common misconception that the main cause of obesity is fat intake and also the amount of food consumed. Although portion size is a factor to be taken into consideration there is now strong evidence to prove that one of the main causes of obesity is sugar.


Why sugar is so bad for us?

When we eat sugar, insulin is released from the pancreas to enable the body to take glucose from the sugar.  This can then be absorbed by cells in the muscles, fat and liver and used as an energy source.  Fructose that is in within sugar, can’t be absorbed by the cells it can only be metabolised by the liver. This is then turned into fat absorbed by the fat cells and unless needed as energy is deposited within the body as fat. The more sugar we eat the more insulin is needed to regulate the blood sugar.  Your body prefers fat as an energy source, however if sugar is available it will use this first as this is an easier accessed energy source for the body to utilise.

The more sugar we consume the more our bodies become immune to insulin and this is where type 2 diabetes becomes a problem. Sugar is highly addictive, mood altering and a toxin to the body, it causes opiate and dopamine activity within the brain.

Leptin is a hormone released to tell us we are full while eating. When our bodies are continuously flooded with sugar this hormone is unable to function and you become Leptin resistant. This means that your brain doesn’t tell you have had enough to eat, even when your fat cells are full and over flowing. Will power is not enough to stop you eating when leptin is not functioning, as this is a primeval function of our bodies to keep us alive.

Ghrelin is a hormone that tells us we are hungry. When we consume too much sugar this hormone is over produced and we feel hungrier.

The same process happens with simple carbohydrates, they are also turned into sugar for energy. If the amount of energy used is less than the amount consumed, the glucose and fructose from the carbohydrates will turn into fat. We only need 1-2 teaspoons of sugar within our bodies for them to function healthily.

If our diet is high in sugar and simple carbohydrates, then your hormones can’t and won’t respond as they have evolved to do so and you will get fat.

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