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Menopause Strength

menopause strength

This small group training course enables you to gain the knowledge and skills to lift weights successfully and safely to enable to build muscle mass.


Muscle mass is very important as we age to keep us mobile, strong and improve bone density, helping to reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis, while maintaining a healthy body composition and weight. 

We begin to lose on average 1% of muscle mass every year post 40 years old. This can have a detrimental affect on our mobility, weight management, metabolic processes and overall health. Muscle mass can help to regulate our blood sugar, because muscle is a great storage unit for glucose and therefore can help to prevent pre-diabetes and diabetes.

You will also receive nutritional guidance specifically targeted for this phase of your life and a better understanding or how the hormonal changes are affecting you metabolic processes, gut health and overall wellbeing. To register for this course please fill complete the form below and I will give you a call to see how I can help you through this challenging time.

The course costs £80.00 and is held at the private gym Diverse Fitness in Hook. You are not required to have membership and the price is inclusive of access to the facility during the course, nutritional guidance and programmes delivered during the course.

We have courses in the day, evening and on the weekend so hopefully one will accommodate your schedule.

Prioritising your health as we age especially is vitally important to ensure our quality of life is as best as it can be and we can continue to enjoy life to the full.

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