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Mastering Menopause 


There is now more awareness as to how impactful for women the perimenopause and menopause phase is.

Impacting their health, work and family.

As a business you can empower, educate and support your employees with a Mastering Menopause Workshop.

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About Myself

Suzanne Jones

I have over 10 years of experience working in the fitness, health and wellness industry. During this time I have worked with many women during this phase of their lives. 

I am a menopausal coach, nutritional therapist, yoga instructor, meditation teacher and a personal trainer. I specialise in balancing hormones with the correct nutrition to ease women through the menopause and help with common menopausal symptoms. I am a menopausal woman who manages my symptoms holistically and bring my knowledge and personal experience to the workshop.

I can advise on the correct exercise to perform to optimise your health during this phase and how to introduce simple meditations and mindfulness techniques into your life, to help with anxiety, managing stress both in your personal life and within the workplace.


Included in the Workshop

  • Understand how the hormonal changes during this time impact your overall health, metabolism, mood and libido and why? 

  • Simple changes you can make to balance your hormones.

  • Scientifically researched nutritional guidance to optimise their health, improving hormonal balance and energy.

  • Understanding how stress can dramatically increase the symptoms of menopause

  • Learn simple ways to bring meditation into your life. Meditation can ease anxiety, lower cortisol levels improving mood and hormonal balance, improve sleep and weight loss.

  • A comprehensive guide to the course sent to every participant to refer back to, so they can begin to introduce these simple changes that will dramatically their symptoms.

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