" I have been seeing Suzanne for a few months now,she is very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Suzanne is full of encourage,encouragement and really knows the body and personal training excellently as well as her sessions being reasonably priced. I can highly recommend her." Jackie Bradbury

Personal Training

What is different about personal training with lifestyle fitness?

I believe that achieving your health and fitness goals is 3 fold. Each aspect is equally as important as the other and to be successful each aspect must be addressed.

1. Your mindset- this is fundamental to success. If you don't believe you will achieve your goals you will find it very difficult to attain them. We set very comprehensive goals and work on the mindset around achieving these goals to guarantee success. 

2. Nutrition- This is responsible for 80% of weight loss, if that is your goal. Nutrition isn't just about weight loss or muscle gain though it is more importantly about your well being. I will guide you through the best nutritional suppliments out there to ensure your health, strength and vitality it at its optimum to allow you train to achieve your results.

3. Exercise - I have vast experience in both exercise for weight loss and exercise for strength training. I have competed professionally for the last 2 years with great results. Whatever your goal is i can produce a personalised training program that will give you the results you desire.

If you work on all 3 aspects you will achieve your goals and maintain them!

If you would like a FREE consultation then please contact me and we can go from there.

Personal training sessions are either available in the private studio or at your home

Here is the private studio and the equipment available to be utilised in your training program.

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1-2-1 Personal Training in the studio

Book 1 session - £40.00 1 hr session

12 week packages

1 session per week £420.00 -  £35.00 per session

2 sessions per week £720.00 - £30.00 per session

3 sessions per week £990 - £27.50 per session

(must be used within 14 weeks of purchase unless agreed otherwise)

Why 12 week packages?

I only offer 12 week packages as after training clients for many years it has become

very clear that without commitment, results are hard to attain. If you know you can cancel the session it is easy for this to become a habit and therefore reducing the consistency of training and so making achieving those goals set very difficult. 12 weeks is plenty of time to see significant changes within the body if consistent and committed effort is given to the program

This is why i offer a money back guarantee. I am 100% confident that if you follow my training methods, nutritional plan and mindeset

 coaching you can not fail!!

Training at your home

This a standard £35.00 per 1 hr session

Small Group Personal Training

£60.00 per session max 4 people £15 per person

Personal Training Packages​

Personal Training 

Comprehensive body composition analysis

Needs and goal analysis

Flexibility, fitness, strength, endurance assessment every 4


Tailor made training program incorporating a variety of  disciplines

Free weights, boxing, HITT, fitness yoga, spinning,  functional fitness, 

kettlebells, TRX

Access to the online classes to build into your program to give you the

best possible results

Ongoing support and motivation


Small Group Personal Training

​Maximum of 4 people per session

Comprehensive body composition analysis

Needs and goal analysis

​Incorporates a variety of disciplines, free weights, boxing,

HITT, fitness yoga, spinning, functional fitness, kettle bells, TRX

I                                                             ONLINE CLASSES

As part of your personal training package you will get access to the online classes. This will help you to achieve your goals and i will suggest which classes for you to do in addition to your personal training sessions. Theses are updated on a weekly basis so you won't get bored! You can either do them live with me or on-demand when it's convenient for you!

Classes included are:

m a paragraph. Click here to 

Yoga shred

A slightly more cardio version of yoga. It still uses traditional yoga poses but they are faster and in a Tabata style workout.

Live Saturday at 09.30am 

or on-demand at your convenience.

Body Sculpt

A total body sculpt using just your own body weight. This will strengthen the entire body.

Live Tuesday at 09.00 am 

or on-demand at your convenience

Kettle Bells

This is both a cardio and strengthening workout. You will need a few kettle bells to take part, however I can advise which ones to purchase. 

Live  Thursday at 09.00 am 

or on-demand at your convenience.


High intensity interval training. This is a tough cardio workout that will burn loads of calories!

All body weight exercises.

Live Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 7.00 am or on-demand at your convenience.

Yoga and Meditation

A freestyle fitness yoga class that incorporates flow yoga and power yoga. This class will improve your core stability, flexibility, strengthen muscles and calm the mind.

Live Sunday at 10.00 am or on-demand at your convenience.