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Personal Training Packages​

Personal Training Includes

  • Comprehensive body composition analysis

  • Goal analysis and setting

  • Flexibility, fitness and strength assessment every 4-6 weeks

  • Tailor made training programs incorporating a variety of  disciplines

  • FREE Nutritional advice and guidance, monthly nutritional plans for your goal. (There is a small monthly fee should you want to have access to the nutritional plans after you have finished the 1-1 training sessions)

  • FREE Access to all our on-demand classes, updated monthly. (There is a small monthly fee should you want to have access to the classes after you have finished the 1-1 training sessions)

  • Ongoing support and motivation

  • FREE Access to the app where you can access all your personal programmes. (There is a small monthly fee should you want to have access to the programmes after you have finished the 1-1 training sessions)


Personal Training

What is different about personal training with lifestyle fitness?

I believe that achieving your health and fitness goals incorporate, mindset, nutrition and physical exercise. Each aspect is as equally important as the other, and to be successful each aspect must be addressed.

1. Mindset- This is fundamental to success! Building new healthy habits into your life is not only possible but sustainable. One day at a time you will achieve this and make changes that will last. If you don't believe you will achieve your goals, you will find it very difficult to attain them. We will set very comprehensive goals, taking into consideration your lifestyle, time constraints, injuries and previous experience. The mind is the foundation for sustaining healthy habits and optimising your overall health. By looking after the mind you will improve your sleep, your hormonal balances and your emotional wellbeing. This is a practice, just like training a muscle you need to be consistent and patient. I will provide tools and techniques to enable you to become more mindful and present in your day to day life. Stress in inevitable, however the  process of how we manage stress and how it effects our health is manageable through these simple daily practices! This will available to you via Lifestyle Mind, where you will be able to access meditations for managing stress and promoting your mental wellbeing.

2. Nutrition- You are what you eat!! Nutrition is the process of consuming, absorbing and using nutrients needed by the body for growth, development, and maintenance of optimal health. Your nutrition is vitally important to your overall health and wellbeing, enabling you to successfully achieve your goals. Nutrition is responsible for 80% of weight loss, and is vital for building muscle and strength. The correct nutritional plan can help to reduce symptoms of hormonal imbalances, balance your gut microbiome and keep the body and mind in equilibrium. I will guide you through your personalised nutritional needs to ensure this is achieved. You will gain access to Lifestyle Nutrition where you will receive monthly nutritional plans to ensure you achieve your desired result.

3. Exercise - We have vast experience in exercise for weight loss, strength training, mobility and flexibility.  We specialise in changing your body composition, incorporating all our experience to optimise your health. We will provide you with varied workouts, that will keep training fun, diverse and effective.  Whatever your goal is, we will produce a personalised training programme, that will give you the results you desire. We look at the body holistically, encompassing a 360 solution within your personalised plan to guarantee results. Your personalised programme will be accessible via the Lifestyle Fitness App and you will also gain access to the online studio, where we will advise you which classes to attend on a weekly basis to assist you achieving your goal. 

Classes available:

Vinyassa yoga flow, HIIT, Men's deep stretch yoga, Body sculpt, Core blast and Meditations.

The sessions are all delivered either at your home or at Lifestyle Fitness Studio.

If you would like a FREE consultation then please contact us via email or mobile.

Mobile: Suzie - 07776204259 


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