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How to manifest Abundance

What is abundance?
The dictionary definition for abundance is a very large quantity of something.
The law of abundance teaches you to tap into the power of the your mind and your beliefs to achieve your dreams.
Sounds pretty amazing doesn't it?
Abundance is normally associated with financial wealth, however abundance can show up many aspects of your life. The food you eat, the air you breathe, the family and friends that surround you and many more. If you look for abundance it is everywhere!
What are the benefits to your life when you focus on abundance rather than lack?
Focusing on abundance in your life will bring about a greater sense of well being, just by the awareness of how abundant your life is in so many ways.
This will generate a feeling of gratitude that will in-turn raise your energetic vibration and therefore you will attract into your life more abundance. The universe will respond positively and return to you what energetically you are you giving to the universe.
In opposition to this when you focus on lack within your life, your energetic vibration will be on a much lower frequency and guess what you will attract lower frequency and negativity into your life.
Focusing on lack within your life will allow many negative emotions to drag your energy vibration down. Greed is manifested by insecurity, the feeling of lack. Desperately holding onto to what you have and equally desperately searching for more will only attract more of what you don't want and never what you are desperately trying to attract.
If you want to be financially wealthy give as much as you possibly can freely without expectation to receive in return and the universe will ensure that you receive much, much more than you give out.
If you want to find love, openly love everyone you meet without expectation to receive anything in return and the universe will deliver the goods.
How amazing do you feel when you give to someone just because you can?
That positive energy you are throwing out into the universe and raising your vibration and the vibration of others around you, will be rewarded, just trust the process!
It is important to remember though that you are not giving to receive and that you genuinely want to give to the other person in an authentic and loving manner.
The universe knows if you are faking it.
Why is it that in all religious and spiritual scriptures have the underlying message "give and you will receive." This is due to the law of abundance and the law of cause and effect.
The laws of the universe are not complicated but if adhered to are incredibly powerful and can change the course of your life.
So focus on all you have in abundance within your life. If you don't have the big stuff then start with something that is taken for-granted for many and in severe lack for others like the food that you eat and the clean water you drink. Do this everyday for 2 weeks and watch not only your well being change but also your situation.
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