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Summer is coming.....Loose Weight, Tone Up and Feel Great with Lifestyle Fitness.

Summer will be here before we know it and i can't wait!
Now is the time to start your fitness and nutritional programme to shift those extra pounds.
Start now with a healthy diet plan and an exercise program to ensure you are feeling and looking amazing by the time the summer season starts.
At lifestyle fitness we offer you the whole Package.
This includes:
3 fat burning classes per week
A nutritional diary and nutritional guidance, guiding you to make changes in your diet to help to balance your hormones so you will burn fat and not store it!
A personal trainer that will treat you as an individual and motivate, support and guide you to guarantee you achievement your goals.
We will always go the extra mile for you acheive your goals, as our passion and aim for all of our clients is to give you results.
There are no quick solutions to weight loss and fitness. We don't believe is FADS that may work in the short term but once normal eating habits are resumed the weight goes back on and very often more. We work with latest scientific research regarding healthy eating and very much work on changing eating habits slowly and keeping in mind a healthy balanced diet.
For successful weight loss and inches and improving your cardiovascular fitness, strength and endurance, you will need to be patient and determined.
Any changes that are long term and worth while are going to take hard work and perseverance but we will motivate and support you every step of the way to your weight loss goal.
If you would like further information please visit

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