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The Transform Program

The 360 degree approach to Weight loss!




This program uses the 16:8 fasting diet to stimulate your

metabolism and re-balance your hormones.

The recipes and nutritional guidance are all aimed to promote

weight loss with nutritional, healthy, whole food(NO FADS)

You will be guided how to track calories using myfitnesspal app and successfully introduce fasting and reduce carbohydrates to optimise weight loss. You will be fully supported and guided through out the 6 weeks to ensure you achieve your goal.


30-45 minute classes to help build strength and burn fat!

Classes to choose from:

HIIT( high impact), Yoga Shred(lower impact), Kettlebells (low impact), Body Sculpt (body weight static), Yoga and Meditation (restoratative) to restore the body and soothe the mind.

The workouts are available either via the private facebook group, the website or the app, where you can also track your progress.


We will discuss the best exercise option for you at the first consultation, this will be reviewed throughout the 6 week program

Mind Set 

A weekly 1-1 coaching call with myself will keep you motivated and on track for your goal.  We will discuss any nutritional issues or adjustments needed and exercise progress.

You will also have access to the transform community where I will share different tips advice and you can support each other through your weight loss journey. You will also receive the mindset journal to begin to transform the mind.

You are welcome to join the meditation group if you feel this would be beneficial.

To register your interest in the program and arrange a completley free consultation please fill in the form below.

Guaranteed to loose 1 stone or drop a dress size in just 6 weeks following this simple but effective program!

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