This program is comprehensive and looks at weight loss and strengthening the body

in a holistic approach.

We look at hormones and stress, nutrition, exercise and your mind.

On this program you will lose approximately 1lb per week depending on the individual while strengthening the body, it will re-balance hormones that are responsible for fat storing, help with sleep and stress levels, help to boost metabolism, increase fat burning and raise energy levels.

It does this through several aspects.

Exercise –  You will have access to the online classes which will get the fat burning and start to build strength. There are a variety of classes so something for all abilities while you improve your overall fitness levels.

Nutrition – . This is a simple but effective approach using a sensible calorie deficit, to ensure you lose weight but you don't slow down your metabolism. You will be given a calorie allowance and macros percentage,  dependant on your lifestyle, age and sex. This means that you can still eat many of the foods you enjoy but just factor those into your calorie allowance.  We focus on limiting processed carbohydrates especially late into the day and cutting out sugar and all junk including processed food and reducing caffeine intake.

Mind- Mindfulness meditations that will help to reduce stress, encourage sleep and help you recognise emotions that may lead to over-eating and help to heal your relationship with food. You will also receive a your mindset book where you can track your food, write your daily affirmations and write your gratitude

The Community- One of the reasons why this program weight loss journey you will be able to ask me any questions and i will be their with you throughout tour journey to motivate and support you.


Includes the exercise program

Nutritional advice

The Transform community

The  mind set program.


As part of your Transform weight loss program you will receive nutritional advice that is very simple and easy to follow and will ensure steady. sensible weight loss ensuring you don't lower your metabolism.

This nutritional advice will also help to balance out your hormones which are fundamental to weight gain. There are certain foods that will release hormones that will not only keep you feeling hungry but also suppress the hormone that tells you are full. Sugar is avoided and carbohydrates kept low. That doesn't mean you can't have anything sweet, the odd treat but you have to factor that into your calorie intake. There are also sugar alternatives that will give you a treat without spiking your insulin and significantly less in calories. 

By following this very simple advice you will get the results you desire!

Nutrition is fundamental to the success of weight loss. 80% of your weight loss success is down to your nutrition and the ability to introduce those changes to your daily life is made so easy with the Transform weight loss program.


The classes available online offer something for all fitness abilities and will build your fitness slowly until you are able to participate in the toughest of workouts.

Classes available:

Yoga Shred- A fusion between yoga and HIIT delivered in a tabata style workout. This is a lower impact cardio workout that will still burn fat, get your heart rate up and improve your cardiovascular fitness.

Body Sculpt- A body weight toning class that will strengthen and tone your entire body. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Kettle Bells - You will need your own kettle bells for this class. I recommend 3 of varying weights. This is a fantastic class as it will strengthen and build lean muscle mass as well as burn fat and improve your cardio.

HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training class. This is for burning the maximum amount of fat and calories. Its a tough class with high, explosive impact moves to generate the optimum burn!

Yoga and Meditation - This class is a freestyle fitness yoga class that incorporates Vinyassa flow yoga and Power yoga to strengthen your entire body while improving flexibility and mobility. The meditations use a variety of techniques from guided mindfulness, to visualisation and mantras. 


This is as important as the nutrition and exercise as without this element you will revert back to old habits when life gets tough. We use meditations and positive affirmations to retrain your thinking around food and reduce stress levels which will help reduce the production or the hormone cortisol, a fat storing hormone and help with your sleep routine which is also a major cause of weight gain.


The mind is very influential on weight loss, especially if you use food as an emotional crutch.

Many people who struggle with their weight whether it be losing or gaining weight have emotional links to this. Through mindfulness guided meditations I can help you recognise these links with food and help you gain back control over your need to use food emotionally or allow food to control your response to situations.

Through these meditations you will be able to recognise when you are emotionally eating, be able to stop yourself reaching for food to feel better and feel empowered to deal with emotional turmoil in a more positive and productive manner.

COMPLETE PROGRAM JUST £120.00 for the full course, if you are not completely satisfied a full refund will be issued, zero risk, great results!

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