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Welcome to Lifestyle Fitness 

Empowered Mind , Strong Body and a Peaceful Soul

I believe that your fitness, health and wellness should be a way of life
and not a means to an end!

I will provide you the tools for you to get fit and healthy and stay that way!!


    About Me

     I am an experienced fitness professional with over 10 years of experience.

     My approach is holistic, incorporating a positive mindset, nutrition, and a personalised exercise program to optimise your health and wellbeing.

     I offer a wide variety of personal training packages, for both individuals and small groups.  I specialise in helping both women and men through the Menopause and Andropause phase of their lives. My exercise programs, nutritional plans, advice and guidance all scientifically based will help to ease the symptoms and get you back in control of your health and wellbeing. I also offer business workshops, enabling a greater understanding of the menopause, the symptoms and how as employers you can support your staff through this challenging phase of their lives.

    Morning yoga and meditation before seeing clients

    Suzanne O'Callaghan

    I have worked in this industry for many years and gained a wealth of knowledge that enables me to tailor a personalised program unique to you and your needs.

    I am a menopausal coach, nutritional coach, personal trainer, mindset coach and yoga and meditation teacher. Whether you need to build strength, improve your flexibility, or build healthier eating habits, I can help. 

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    Special Introductory Offer

    1-1 Personal Training 

    Nutritional Guidance, recipe ideas and advice to encourage healthy eating habits

    All This for Just
    For 10 sessions


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    Mastering Menopause 

    Selection of food that is good for the heart, rustic wood background.jpg



    1-2-1 Personal Training

    Personalised programmes that will ensure you acheive your goal, whether that is strength, weight loss, flexibility, mobility or eating a healthier diet. The can programmes incorporating wide range of disciplines, including weight lifting, resistance bands, resistance machines, yoga, boxing, HIIT & cardiovascular training. There is something for all levels of fitness and strength offering you wide variety of diverse, fun and effective workouts. 

    Bespoke Nutritional Plans

    Whether you are looking to loose weight, gain muscle mass, take pre-diabetes, deal with the challenging effects of menopause, then I can help you.

    My nutritional plans are based on scientific research and no fads.

    It's important for your nutrition to be sustainable and therefore to make adjustments slowly and steadily and to work with your family, work and lifestyle.

    Courses & Classes for perimenopause & menopausal women

    Menopause Strength

    This 4 week course will:

    • Build muscle mass and strength, teaching you how to maximise your results!

    • Lower insulin resistance

    • Strengthen bones, helping to prevent osteoporosis

    • Help you lose stubborn belly fat

    • Reduce hot flushes

    • Improves anxiety and depression

    • Build confidence in the gym

    • Nutritional guidance included

    • Maximum 4 people on each course yo keep the training personalised to you!

    Mastering Menopause 
    Workshop &
    12 Week Programme

    If you are an employer wanting to support your staff going through the menopause phase of their lives and educate your managers and team about the menopause then our workshop Mastering The Menopause will provide you with the knowledge to create greater understanding and solutions to help to manage the symptoms of the menopause.


    " I have been seeing Suzanne for a few months now, she is very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Suzanne is full of encouragement and really knows the body and personal training excellently, as well as her sessions being reasonably priced. I can highly recommend her." Jackie Bradbury

    " Great PT session this morning. Suzanne is knowledgeable , understandable and encouraging. Would totally recommend her for PT sessions!" Rachel Parker-Swann

    " Suzanne is a fantastic personal trainer. She works hard to have a good understanding of your goals and objectives and her sessions are highly personalised and full of variety. She is very knowledgeable in all aspects of nutrition and exercise." Victoria Joiner

    " Suzie worked with me several months to improve my overall fitness levels, with a particular focus on lifting progressively heavier weights. Suzie listened to what i wanted to achieve and set an exercise plan that was encouraging and challenging at the same time. Suzie was very inspirational and helped me to develop the necessary skills that has allowed me to continue my fitness journey" Alexandra Dedalo

    " Suzanne was recommended to me as a great PT, who could get me back on track following a knee injury. Suzanne played a pivotal role in motivating, encouraging and pushing me to build strength, fitness and importantly confidence. Suzanne has a great sense of humour, and het PT sessions are fun whilst also challenging. I would highly recommend her." David Mcdowell

    "I belonged to the gym for 4 years, but I didn't make any progress at all with my fitness, until I booked some PT sessions with Suzanne. She worked out a programme for me, taught me how to do the exercises properly, and worked with me weekly, to achieve my goals. It was do-able, challenging and fun. I've toned up, increased my strength and improved my general fitness. I've had no back pain which i used to get regularly and I've had less migraines since I've been working with her. Suzanne is also a nutritionist and an expert at meditation so she's full of really good advice to get your health back on track. I highly recommend her." Hannah Pereira

    "Suzanne initially helped me with a shoulder injury when physio wasn't working. Once I recovered, I continued strength, HIIT and yoga training with her, which has taken my fitness to new levels. She has a great understanding of physiology, which she uses to create custom workouts to suit her clients capabilities and goals. A Phenomenal personal trainer." James Killington.

    "Suzanne has been my personal trainer for over a year now and I could not be happier. Not only is she approachable with a fantastic teaching method, she is extremely knowledgeable with how the body works. As well as helping my fitness levels improve, she has taught me  about the importance of good nutrition. Every week our session is tailored to my needs, varying from cardio workouts to yoga or weight training. She is an amazing motivator and great fun at the same time. I would highly recommend her to anyone." Kate Killington

    "Suzanne has been my PT 2 years and during this time i have challenged to push myself physically in every session. Suzanne's knowledge and experience is wide ranging and extremely informative. She is able to provide flexibility in her plans if necessary to accommodate any injuries and all levels of fitness and abilities. My personal aim is to maintain my strength and overall fitness level and Suzanne ensures her approach to my personalised plan reflects this." Tamasin Ellis

    "I began PT with Suzanne after feeling stuck in a rut fitness wise. I was so impressed with Suzanne's knowledge but also her ability to understand exactly what was needed to get measurable results and improved my wellbeing. If you're deliberating about trying PT, I would highly recommend Suzanne, she is the real deal." Catherine Rees

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