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Whether you want to tone up, loose weight, get fitter or improve flexibility we have a class for you!

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" Suzanne's fitness classes online have really helped me to feel fitter both physically and mentally, i enjoy her Yoga Shred and HIIT sessions." Rachel Bouldin

" Suzanne's classes are hard work but super fun. Even when i don't feel like working out she manages to motivate me to finish the class." Morag Lewis

" If it wasn't for your wit, infectious laugh and blond-isms, no-nonsense workouts. I know I would be really struggling during this lockdown! Although we can't see each other, you make our classes virtually so much fun, whilst whipping us into shape of course." Sharon Campion

Classes Available

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The classes will give you all you need to cross train, strengthen, burn fat, improve your cardiovascular fitness, improve flexibility and through meditation even work on the mind too!

Yoga Shred

This class is a fusion of Yoga and HIIT. The movements are delivered at a faster pace and in a tabata style. This class will build strength, improve your cardiovascular fitness, mobility and flexibility.



This class will build total body strength and improve cardio fitness. In this 30 minute class you will burn fat and tone up all the major muscle groups.

To participate in this class you will need your own kettle bells. If you are new to kettlebells I would recommend getting a 3kg and a 6kg to start you off. If you are more experienced, then I would recommend a 6kg, 9kg and 12kg kettlebells.

If you are reasonably strong you may also need an 18kg or 20kg kettlebell.

Yoga shred today! Live stream to find ou

Body Sculpt

This class will tone your entire body and build strength. Working on all the major muscle groups, legs, upper body, chest and back and abdominals.  No equipment needed, effective,  body weight exercises that can be done anywhere.

Saturday morning HIIT _Live workouts on

Yoga and Meditation

This is a freestyle fitness yoga class for all abilities.  Guided meditation using a variety of techniques. No experience necessary.


High intensity interval training

This is a little tougher although there will be adaptions to the exercises for slightly lower impact and difficulty. This class will improve your cardiovascular fitness, burn fat, build strength and endurance.

30-40 minute quick blast workout

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