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The mind is very influential on weight loss, especially if you use food as an

emotional crutch.

Many people who struggle with their weight whether it be losing or gaining weight have

emotional links to this. Through mindfulness guided meditations I can help you recognise

these links with food and help you gain back control over your need to use food emotionally

or allow food to control your response to situations.

Through meditations you will be able to recognise when you are emotionally eating, be able to stop yourself reaching for food to feel better and feel empowered to deal with emotional turmoil in a more positive and productive manner.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a way of paying attention to what is happening right now, by observing your thoughts, feelings and physical sensations without judgement and with an open mind.
Mindfulness helps you to stay focused and present in the moment.
It helps you to see the beauty of life as you see it and it can help to reduce stress, anxiety and depression and replace it with a calm, peaceful mind. It helps to promote good digestion and supports your immune system and makes you feel fantastic! It will also help to regulate your cortisol level which are one of the hormones responsible for storing fat. Through reducing your stress levels and promoting restful sleep you will optimise your weight loss.
Unfortunately today many of us live very stressful lives which leads to high stress levels and a chaotic mind.
Through the regular practice of mindfulness you can significantly change the way you and your body reacts to these stressful situations and give you the tools to be able to remain calm and in control of your actions and your thoughts.
You can also influence and change your thought patterns by using these techniques.
How it works?
When you practice mindfulness meditation and focus on deep relaxed breaths, we can turn off the (SNS) 'fight or flight' part of our brain which is responsible for what happens to our bodies when we respond to stressful situations. Mindfulness will turn on our Parasymathetic Nervous System (PNS) also known as the 'rest and digest'. When the PNS is activated your heart rate will drop, blood pressure falls, breathing slows and deepens and your muscles relax.
Healing Your Relationship with Food
Your mindset when it comes to what we put in our bodies is fundamental to any nutritional plan being a success, otherwise with all the best intentions and strongest will power in the world you will revert back to old habits and put the weight back on. Through my course, this is done several ways through education, accountability, meditation and positive reinforcement.
So how does this work?
Education - Most people think they are fully aware of what is 'bad' or 'good' for us in our diets, however fully understanding exactly how the food you eat processes through your body can be hugely beneficial and help you to make the right choices to keep you lean and healthy.
Accountability - Accountability is crucial! You have to physically see all the food written down with the amount of calories and macros you are consuming to be able to make the adjustments needed to lose weight. I would encourage you to download myfitnesspal app which is completely free and very user friendly. This app enables you to input your breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and exercise, so at the end of the day you can see if you are in fact in a calorie deficit and therefore losing weight. This also enables you to have the odd treat, glass of wine or a beer without you throwing in the towel at the first fall off the wagon. In my program you will be guided through this step by step and given all the motivation and support needed to be successful. The responsibility of this being a success will lie at your feet though and will require you to be completely honest with yourself in what you are eating, so together we can work on making those changes that are sustainable and long lasting.
Meditation - Mediation is initially used to become aware of the separation between body and mind. This is done through meditation techniques such as body scan and noting in the first couple of weeks and then through visualisation. This slowly strengthens your mind and your ability to be less reactive to thought. It will also help you to focus your thoughts and attention staying in the present and the here and now. Fear, anxiety and worry about the future or the past can be very destructive and consuming, which is why practicing to stay in the present moment helps to control and even eliminate those feelings.
Positive Reinforcement - We can be very self destructive and can tell ourselves some awful lies about ourselves that we would never say to others but with cognitive behaviour therapy techniques this can be changed and changed permanently. Daily positive reinforcement will alter our train of thoughts and encourage positive behaviours, that will eventually become habit.  Opposition thought process is used to replace negative thought patterns with positive ones. The brain is a muscle just like any other muscle it can be trained to perform to your advantage.
This program runs for 12 weeks and is designed to permanently change the way you look at yourself, your thoughts, your practice of self-love and your approach to food.
If you are interested in this program please fill in the form below and i will get back to you. 


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