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12 Week
Mastering Menopause

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Take advantage of this SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER!


Whether your goal is to loose stubborn belly fat , build strength, improve your cardio or become more flexible we can help you!

We recognise the hormonal challenges that you face during this difficult time of your lives, resulting in weight gain, low libido, night sweats, aching joints, sleep disturbance to name a few!

Both men and women experience hormonal changes through this time and although some of the symptoms vary, we have a holistic solution for everyone.

Normally priced at £960.00 NOW £480.00

For a limited time ONLY!

   I Included in the price

  • 1-1 private consultation to build your personalised 12 week programme

  • Weekly group progress check-ins, delivered via zoom 

  • Nutritional guidance, nutritional plans and recipes, to help you achieve your goal 

  • Practical tools to a healthier mindset 

  • Access to a range of on-demand, classes including:

  • Yoga - 20 minute vinyasa flow classes, for both strength and flexibility.

  • Meditation - 10 minute meditations, focusing on improving your mindset and helping to reduce cortisol levels.

  • Men's Yoga - 20 minute deep stretch classes, specially designed for men, to alleviate common problem areas, improving flexibility and posture.

  • Calisthenics - 20 minute classes, focusing on body weight strength, and improving your range of motion.

  • HIIT - 20 minute high intensity interval training classes to burn fat, improve cardiovascular fitness and build strength.

  • Body Sculpt - 20 minute classes, using body weight and resistance bands, to build total body strength.

  • Core - 10 minute core blast classes, to strengthen the entire core.





ALL THIS FOR JUST £480.00 for the 12 week programme. Normally priced at £960.00


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